My Facebook Jail Sentence

At Partners in Torah Cleveland, we have a digital program called Today In Jewish History where we post daily lessons from the Jewish calendar day on Social Media, through a podcast, and through an Amazon Alexa skill.  The program regularly gets well over 10,000 consumptions a month.
On January 29, the following post was reported as offensive on Facebook:
Today is the 3rd day of the month of Shevat.  On this day in 1933, Adolf Hitler y”s was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Even though the Nazi Party had lost seats in the Reichstag in the most recent election, the cunning Hitler was able to maneuver himself into the position.  The Nazi Party held 33% of the German Parliament and an even smaller minority in the cabinet. Many foolishly thought that these numbers would keep Hitler in check and that he could be tamed and controlled.

After the Reichstag Fire in March 1933, the Enabling Act was passed which gave Hitler the ‘temporary’ ability for four years to work without Parliamentary consent or constitutional limitation.  Hitler needed the alliance of other parties for this vote to pass. Within 4 months, Hitler had outlawed all other political parties and the Reichstag ceased to be a democracy. In August 1934 when President Hindenburg passed away, Hitler combined the position of President and Chancellor into one and took control of the Army.  On the day of Hindenburg’s death, all German Soldiers swore unconditional obedience to Hitler. His rise was complete. The most ruthless dictator in recent history with the blood of 50 Million on his hands achieved his goal of complete control of Germany through completely democratic means.
I was notified on 1/29 that the post went against Facebook’s Community Standards and that my account would be limited. I appealed the decision.  The decision was upheld on 2/17. Last week, I started receiving notices of my violation and how my account would be limited.
At Facebook, it’s very hard to get information about anything. What you see above is pretty much all they are telling me.  I did reach out to Facebook Business Support (as our page is a business page), and this is how the conversation went:
One of our supporters suggested that I reach out to their customer service again to clarify some points.  Here is that conversation:
So, it seems that a Holocaust denier was ‘offended’ by my post about the rise and fall of Hitler. So he/she reported me, and since Facebook’s community standards are ‘very strict,’ there is nothing they can do about it. Pretty nuts.
Here is my Facebook post about the saga which shows the community outrage over this:

While the Facebook punishment is not terribly detrimental (I cannot invite new followers to our page and I am extremely limited in event invited – 50 as opposed to 500) I believe this is a matter of principle.  Facebook is one of the four most powerful companies in the world and is more powerful than most countries. I feel this is a bad precedent for them to make and follow.
If you would like more details, please let me know.

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